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Health and Social Care


Head of Health and Social Care and BTEC Quality Nominee Miss R Rose

What is Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care is the study of human growth and development through the life stages. We study the unexpected and expected events which can impact an individual's life and how health and social care services can support people's needs.


Our vision is for our students to become active and independent learners, with the ability to think critically and apply their learning to the world around them

Why do we study Health and Social Care?

  • to inspire and enthuse students to consider a career in the health and social care sector, or in a related sector where knowledge of health and social care will be of use, such as early years ï‚·
  • to give students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of, and skills in, the health and social care sector, e.g. the underpinning care values and an understanding of the different life stages that individuals go through
  • to support progression to a more specialized level 3 vocational or academic health and social care course or an apprenticeship or, more broadly, progression to qualifications in other sectors, such as early years 
  • to give students the potential opportunity, in due course, to enter employment within a range of junior job roles across the health and social care sector


  Our students will:

  • apply theories to events, debates, and issues that happen in the wider world and across the specification
  • build upon previous knowledge of English, Maths and Science and develop this at a higher level
  • have an enhanced understanding of the individual, society, the economy and the health, welfare and education system
  • participate in opportunities to enhance their learning outside of the classroom e.g. wider reading, film, internet, trips, visits, speakers and work experience
  • learn about and take part in opportunities which prepare them for further study and careers in the social sciences and business
  • develop core values such as communication, respect, and empathy

What do we study? 

BTEC Tech Award 
Component 1: Human lifespan and Development
Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values
Component 3: Health and Wellbeing (External Exam)

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How do we study Health and Social Care? 

The Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award Health and Social Care includes two examination assessed units. The remainder are assessed internally by the school. The assessment approach for the internally assessed units enables students to receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria.

Teaching strategies reflect the nature of work within the health and social care sector by encouraging students to research and carry out assessment in the workplace, or in simulated working conditions, wherever possible. It is beneficial for students to use local examples, wherever possible, and the school engages with local employers for support and input. This provides a more realistic and motivating basis for learning.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and achievement, developing independent research, presentation and communication skills which will serve them well in future study or employment.

Presentation of Work 

Each students work should be neat, legible and contain their very best work. Coursework should be typed with their name, date and title.

Home Learning

Students should complete 5 hours of independent study outside of lessons per week.

Co - curricular activities

Students have available a range of enrichment activities including guest speakers, trips and support sessions after school.



Students are assessed through coursework and external examinations.


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Careers Leading on from Health and Social Care

A BTEC in Health and Social Care will enable you to enter into employment at various levels in the Health and Social Care sector such as; nursing, midwifery, social work or Early Years Teaching.

The BTEC level 3 qualification is equivalent to A-level standard and will fulfil UCAS entry requirements to study for  Health and Social care related degrees at University.

To view more information about our school Careers programme please click here


How parents/carers can support their children

Parents could support students to have a quiet and calm environment. Parents can also question students on topics learnt in lessons.  Parents can also ensure that students are completing their 5 hours of home learning per week. 

Recommended Reading

Billingham, M, et al (2016) BTEC National Health and Social Care, Student Book 1. Pearson, London 

Billingham, M, et al (2016) BTEC National Health and Social Care, Student Book 2. Pearson, London

Recommended reading for Health and Social Care, Level 2: 

  • 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time', Vintage, by Haddon, M (2004)
  • 'Me Before You', by Moyes, J (2012)
  • 'The Fault in our Stars', Penguin, by Green, J (2012)