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Matthew 5:16


Head of Department Miss G Dunoyer


What will I study?

 This two year A-level course constitutes an integrated study with a focus on language, culture and society. It fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity. You will focus on how the French-speaking society has been shaped socially and culturally and how it continues to change, for example, on issues such as life for those on the margins of French-speaking society as well as the positive influences that diversity brings.  You will also study aspects of the political landscape in a French-speaking country, such as immigration and the way in which political power is expressed through action.

You will understand and demonstrate the use of the grammatical system and structures of the language.

How will it be assessed?

A-level French. This is a two-year linear course. Examining board: AQA

Paper 1 Reading, listening and writing

           2 hours 30 minutes (40%)

           All questions are in French, to be answered in French (60 marks). It includes:

             -Translation into English; a passage of minimum 100 words (20 marks).

             -Translation into French; a passage of minimum 100 words (20 marks).

Paper 2 Writing

            2 hours (30%)

Paper 3 Speaking

            21-23 minutes including 5 minutes preparation time; (30%)

Where will it lead?

Most universities offer French as a single or a joint honours degree. French combines well with another modern foreign language or English and any other arts subjects as well as the Sciences. It often provides a background to careers in Law, Journalism, Publishing, Sales and Marketing, Management, Banking, the Diplomatic service, the Travel industry and Secretarial work.  Furthermore with business being on an ever more global footing employers are looking for people who speak more than one language.

Enrichment opportunities

A  residential visit to France where you will have the opportunity to study and interact with French speakers. You will have the option to attend workshops and day trips. 

Entry requirements

To take this course you will need GCSE grade 6 in French.